Yamhill County Deputy Charged for Misconduct in Patrol Car

A Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputy was charged with 12 misdemeanor counts for revealing his private parts and having s*x in public, court records show.

FOX 12 obtained court documents that show the Benton County district attorney’s office accused David Richard Mills, 36, on December 14 of masturbating into someone else’s water bottle so that they would drink it without realizing it, and then posting video of the act online to make money.

Court records show that event took place on January 5, 2022. It was also said that Mills masturbated in a public place and then put a video of it online the same day.

I thought former CNN legal analyst & former “New Yorker” writer Jeffrey Toobin was out there for masturbating on a Zoom call, but I don’t think that whack job could keep up with this degenerate deputy in a circle jerk:

Mills is said to have put up a picture of himself online on April 2, 2023, while wearing his outfit and showing his penis.

He is also said to have put his penis out in the open on a bar in the sheriff’s office on August 6, 2023.

Mills was charged with four counts of official misconduct in the second degree, three counts of disorderly conduct in the second degree, public indecency, and abuse of venerated items. She was also charged with official misconduct in the first degree.

“With respect to general principal our position is that we understand that the community has a high level of expectation for the professionalism for those who work in public safety. When there is any breach in that professionalism, we take that very seriously,” Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson told FOX 12 in a statement. “There is an expectation from the public with respect to professional standards from those who work in public safety. We strongly support those standards and take seriously any concerns regarding a case where there is misconduct or abuse of that authority.”

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement made just before 7 p.m. Friday that deputies were told about the content on September 1.

“Using information provided by the reporting party, YCSO Command staff were able to confirm there were, in fact, publicly accessible images and content available online which could constitute both violations of internal policies of Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and general policies of Yamhill County,” the statement from the YCSO says.

The statement says that exactly the same day, “the same employee depicted in the content” was put on leave. They didn’t say who the deputy was in their announcement.

Check out some of the latest news:

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Benton County District Attorney’s Office were also asked by YCSO to look into the case.

“While the filing of criminal charges is a very serious consideration for a law enforcement agency, we must be thorough and accurate in our response, follow the appropriate due process steps, and follow the applicable steps as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement,” the statement says.

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