Woman Arrested After Deadly Road Rage Crash in Bronx

A fatal automobile and moped crash in the Bronx is being looked into by the police. According to investigators, it occurred on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. following an argument between the drivers.

“The guy was on the floor, just a lot of blood, leg broken, and the lady was just on the floor too, crying, just scared and shocked. It was crazy,” witness Cesar Garcia said.

On Saturday, a road rage incident took a fatal turn.

“I was basically was on the phone with 911 until they arrived,” witness Ismael Ramon said.

According to witnesses, a 28-year-old lady driving a red Honda Civic struck a 23-year-old male riding a moped near Longwood’s Intervale Avenue after purposefully driving the wrong way on Fox Street while speeding.

Woman in custody after deadly road rage crash in the Bronx:

“There was a loud bang on the building. I’m on the third floor and I felt it,” Roman said.

The man reportedly died after being taken to the hospital in a critical condition. Robert Jimenez, a resident of the Bronx, has been identified as him.

“Everybody was just shocked,” Garcia said.

The woman was brought to the hospital for minor injuries, according to police, and she remained at the site.

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Residents of the area watched in shock as crime scene investigators spent the whole Saturday night collecting evidence and speaking with witnesses.

“It was very dramatic, to be honest. It was very dramatic,” Roman said.

The woman was reportedly brought into custody. It’s now a homicide inquiry, according to the police.

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