Who is the woman who would become the first governor of New York in the event of the resignation of Andrew Cuomo

When a chorus of prominent Democrats demanded the New York Governor’s resignation, Andrew Cuomo, for allegations of sexual harassment in the past week, the woman who will replace him if he resigns did what he has done most of his time in office: keeping a low profile.

The lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul gave some virtual messages at a series of small events around the state. He sent tweets promoting small businesses in Adirondacks, recommended that people wear face masks and get vaccinated against the coronavirus when it is their turn. She injected herself on Friday, sparking unusual local television coverage.

Although the Democrat’s agenda hasn’t changed lately, what may be different is the number of people who tune in to learn more about the politics that would become the state’s first female governor if Cuomo can’t stay in power.

After two terms in the shadow of a governor famous for wanting to be the center of attention, Hochul is a mystery to most New Yorkers.

Baruch College Political Science Professor, Doug Muzzio, thinks that now she is probably preparing in case she is called to intervene.

“The next stage of the game is if Cuomo resigns and Hochul becomes governor. What does that mean? Who is she? What do you think?”Muzzio said. “New Yorkers are totally unaware of this woman. I mean, I spent half my life concentrating on these things. And I don’t know much ”.

Hochul, 62 years old, briefly acknowledged the storm swirling around Cuomo on Tuesday in a statement expressing his faith in an independent investigation into his conduct in the workplace, led by the state attorney general, Letitia James.

“I trust that the investigation will be carried out as completely and quickly as possible”, wrote. “New Yorkers need to be sure that through this process they will soon learn the facts.”

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