Is it too early to change your tires?

It is from tomorrow that Quebecers will be able to change their winter tires for summer ones. However, is it too early to make this change?

Carl Nadeau, driving expert for Michelin, looked into the issue during his visit to LCN on Sunday.

“It’s impossible to draw a line in time and say that on that date we put the tires on, we must rather rely on the temperature and the temperature must be constant at 7 degrees Celsius before thinking of installing the four tires. seasons or summer, ”says Carl Nadeau, also a racing driver.

The expert also explained to Michel Jean that each person has a unique situation. People who live in downtown Montreal will be able to make the change faster than someone who lives on the South Shore, but who has a chalet in the Hautes-Laurentides and therefore has to travel more road.

The opposite is also dangerous for the safety of motorists. Keeping your winter tires on for too long affects the stability of your driving.

“The design of a winter tire means that when it’s very hot, it will deform a lot so if you want to react quickly and avoid obstacles, it can be very dangerous. So, those who say “I’m going to finish my winter tires in the summer” is far from a good idea. ”

Tire change will therefore be different from one region to another in Quebec. This is why it is very difficult, according to the racing driver, to set a date that will be suitable for everyone.

“You have to rely on the temperature, when it’s constant 7 degrees and more for a week, a week and a half, I looked at the weather forecast, we stay between minus 6 to plus 10, so for the moment, it is still too early to do so. ”

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