Unveiling The Tragedy of Two Migrants In The Rio Grande!

The bodies of two migrants, including a 3-year-old child, were found this week by Texas state officials. It is thought that they drowned while attempting to cross the southern border of the United States, where illegal crossings have recently risen to almost record levels.

Texas Department of Public Safety discovered a 3-year-old migrant boy in the Rio Grande on Wednesday, close to the border town of Eagle Pass, after receiving reports of a child being “swept away” by the river’s current. The young child was declared de@d at a nearby hospital. He was travelling with his family.

Both remains were discovered to the north of the floating barriers Texas had erected in the Rio Grande to prevent migrant crossings. A federal judge ordered Texas to relocate the buoys to the riverbank earlier this month after determining that a case brought by the Biden administration was likely to succeed in court. However, a federal appeals court suspended that decision while it looked into the matter, enabling Texas to maintain the sea barriers.

Bodies of 2 Migrants, Including 3-Year-Old Boy

The Democratic lawmakers, activists, and the Biden administration, Texas’ buoys put migrants at risk by requiring them to swim through deeper sections of the river where the likelihood of dy*ng is higher. However, in light of what he has regarded to be insufficient federal effort to secure the southern border, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has stated that the barriers are necessary to dissuade illegal immigration.

The suspected drownings this week highlight the dangers that immigrants who enter the United States frequently confront. Along the southern border, which the UN has dubbed “the deadliest land border” in the world, migrant fatalities have recently risen to record high levels. In recent years, drownings and heat exhaustion have been the two leading causes of migrant fatalities near the southern border of the United States.

CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell shared a post on Facebook about crossing the southern border:-

In the fiscal year 2022, the U.S. Border Patrol recorded more than 850 migrant de@ths, the report says. That figure, which surpassed the 546 de@ths recorded in fiscal year 2021, is likely an undercount, officials and experts said, due to incomplete data. In a report earlier this year, a federal watchdog found that Border Patrol did not collect and record “complete data on migrant deaths.”

Along the U.S.-Mexico border, reported de@ths are at an all-time high, and migrant crossings are also at record highs. The Border Patrol apprehended 2.2 million migrants in the fiscal year 2022, setting a record high that is expected to be matched in the next fiscal year, which concludes at the end of September.

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In recent weeks, the number of migrants crossing the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass has sharply increased; the bulk of them are from Venezuela. In total, there were roughly 6,900 southern border crossings each day on average in September.

The Biden administration declared on Wednesday that it will grant roughly 500,000 Venezuelan immigrants who entered the US over the previous two years eligibility for the Temporary Protected Status program, which grants them work permits and deportation safeguards. However, because the expansion only applies to individuals who entered before July 31, the Venezuelans crossing the border this week will not be qualified for TPS.

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