Undercover Operation Leads To Three Arrests In Williamson County

A regular undercover investigation by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office took an unexpected turn in the early hours of January 4th. Deputies conducting surveillance at a local truck stop detected a strange car at about 12:48 a.m.

After a brief duration, this vehicle was joined by another, with occupants from both engaging in behaviors that deputies suspected were related to illegal drug transactions.

Highway Chase And Traffic Stops on Interstate 57

Both vehicles were seen traveling in separate directions on Interstate 57 after leaving the truck stop. This caused marked patrol units to respond in unison.

Tiffany J. Rivera’s southbound vehicle, which was carrying passenger Jui T. Barnes, came to a halt. A K-9 squad was called in, and the police dog, Roxy, detected the presence of drugs.

Undercover Operation Leads To Three Arrests In Williamson County

A thorough search yielded methamphetamine, as well as a digital scale and packaging materials. Simultaneously, the northbound vehicle was stopped, allowing passenger Diego D. Nevith, who had an outstanding arrest warrant, to be identified.

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Drug Possession And Delivery Arrests And Charges

Rivera, Barnes, and Nevith were arrested as a result of these occurrences. Rivera is accused of methamphetamine delivery, possession, possessing cannabis in a vehicle, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Barnes was charged with possessing methamphetamine. Nevith faced identical accusations after being detected with methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

All three suspects were taken to the Williamson County Jail, signaling a massive victory for local law enforcement in their ongoing fight against drug-related crimes.

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