Two Howard County Restaurants to Announce Plans to Close by the End of 2023

Madrid Modern Latin, a Spanish restaurant located in Columbia, recently made an announcement on December 14 that it was shutting down after operating for about a year and a half.

Offering a delightful array of Spanish cuisine like tapas, paella, and live flamenco performances, this spot had initially debuted in the summer of 2022.

It was an extension of Madrid Spanish Taverna, which originated in Roswell, Georgia. Abe Ruiz, the owner, partnered with The Greene Turtle’s Founder Growth Platform to introduce this tapas haven.

Despite attempts to reach Ruiz for a statement, there has been no explanation provided for the closure on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Matcha Time Cafe’s Final Days:

In Ellicott City, Matcha Time Cafe has announced its closure on December 31, marking the end of a decade-long culinary journey.

Owner Hatsumi Watanabe-Smith expressed gratitude for their time in the Old Ellicott City Community.

While the cafe, situated in parking lot D, served traditional ceremonial matcha, various teas, and Japanese sweets like yuzu cheesecake and black sesame ice cream, the decision to close the doors was made.

However, the Matcha Time Gift Shop, situated on Old Ellicott City’s Main Street, will continue its operations.

Watanabe-Smith’s heartfelt message reminisced about their involvement in the community, navigating through challenges, and witnessing growth, acknowledging the need for change.

Two Howard County restaurants closing as 2023 comes to an end:

Closure Speculations:

While Watanabe-Smith didn’t delve into further details about the closure, she hinted at potential future endeavors.

Expressing, “This isn’t ‘goodbye’… we’re still contemplating our next venture, be it in [Old Ellicott City] or somewhere else in the area.” The message carried a sense of hope and potential for future endeavors.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Community Legacy and Future Prospects:

Both closures mark the end of beloved dining spots in Howard County. Madrid Modern Latin and Matcha Time Cafe held significant places in the hearts of locals.

While the reasons for closure remain undisclosed, the community looks back on the fond memories created within these establishments.

As the year draws to a close, the closures leave a void in Howard County’s dining landscape, prompting reflection on the past and anticipation for what’s next in the culinary scene.

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