The Atlanta airport’s restrooms and restaurants have been closed

ATLANTA – After days of delays and cancellations, staff at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport report a new issue as Christmas passengers return home.

Freezing conditions have resulted in frozen pipes across the airport, causing some of them to explode. This has resulted in little to no water pressure in numerous concourses, impacting several restrooms around the airport.

One flier said, “It is filthy and totally awful.”

A visitor who flew via Atlanta on Monday said that there needed to be more communication on the difficulties and where to locate a functioning restroom.

“There were notices posted everywhere indicating that restrooms were closed for renovation, but nobody was there,” he stated. “There were no objects across. There was just a piece of paper posted outside, and there was no water pressure in the restrooms.”

Additional activities have been affected. At least one restaurant at the airport closed early on Christmas Eve due to frozen water pipes; the notice is still up, and the establishment remains closed two days later.

According to staff, other Delta Sky Clubs are also affected. Some vacationers have not encountered any troubles, but they believe the water issues might affect them.

Larry Coleman, traveling out of Atlanta on a Monday, stated, “Because I am disabled, it may affect me more, but I am certain that the professionalism of this airport will quickly find a solution.”

A representative for the airport provided a statement that reads: “We are aware that the region’s water infrastructure and supplies have been affected by the cold weather. We are collaborating with our partners to remedy the airport’s low water pressure issues. Our mission is to provide a safe, effective, and pleasant workplace for all passengers and workers.”

Travelers anticipate a quick resolution.

The flier said, “I saw multiple guys and ladies entering toilets with their hands in the air.” They returned outside, frustrated that they were unable to use the restroom.

Monday evening, an airport emergency alarm sounded. The culprit, according to a spokeswoman, was insufficient water pressure on-site. That evening, Delta Airlines started alerting passengers heading into Atlanta to be prepared for probable landing difficulties.

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