Two Arrested in Oakland Woman’s Stray-Bullet Killing

A mother was shot and killed while sleeping in her home in Oakland’s Laurel District. Two suspects have been charged in connection with the crime, police said.

Oakland police nabbed 32-year-old Tramonn Gray and charged him with murder in the death of Wing Wong on September 15 near 38th Avenue and Masterson Street. Gray had been convicted of a felony before.

One of the suspects, 35-year-old Alonzo Dyer, was arrested and charged with being a felon with a gun and other weapons crimes.

Police say Wong, a mother of two who is 42 years old, was sleeping on her couch when shots went off outside her home.

Two charged in death of Oakland mom killed by stray bullet while sleeping:

As per the police, Gray shot at an SUV in the area with a rifle. There was one bullet that hit Wong and killed him. There was one bullet that hit Wong and killed him.

Acting Oakland Homicide Lt. Bradley Baker told reporters on Tuesday that police are looking for two more people they think are connected to the case.

Baker said it looks like the shooting started when the defendants got into a fight with a driver going through the 38th Avenue and Masterson Street area.

Gray is said to have fired at the car that was filled, and one of the bullets hit Wong, who lived a block away. The police said Wong had nothing to do with the fight.

Police say Gray was identified by witnesses as the person seen on film firing a gun at a Chevy Trailblazer. Gray has also been charged with trying to kill the person he was after in the SUV.

There’s nothing worse than losing a mother, daughter, wife, or partner, according to Mayor Sheng Thao. I can’t even think about what they’ve been through and what they’re going through. So I pray that this arrest leads to justice for them and helps everyone who knew and loved Wing Wong get better.

Alameda County DA Pamela Price said at a different news conference, “Bullets don’t have a name, and they won’t stop until they hit someone.” Price promised to bring as many charges as possible against the suspects.

“And what I want to say to those who have continued to perpetuate senseless violence in this community is that you will be held accountable,” she stated.

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