2 Killed, 5 Injured in Philadelphia’s Fairhill Mass Shooting

Five people were hurt and two people were killed in Fairhill. Police say the shooting took place around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the 3200 block of Fairhill Street. When the police arrived, they found more than one dead body after hearing shots.

Four people were rushed to Temple University Hospital, and one person just walked in. One person was treated at Episcopal Hospital, and the other was treated at Einstein Medical Center.

The five people who were hurt got serious injuries, but they are expected to live. Temple said that two people were dead.

Philadelphia mass shooting: 2 dead, 5 injured in Fairhill shootout, officials say

Investigators think the shooting may have had something to do with drugs. The people were trying to put together a timeline of the events that led to the fighting.

Officials are sure that all seven of the victims were meant to be killed. At the scene, police did find a number of guns and at least 70 shell casings. It was like a jail for some of the victims in the hospital.

Besides that, at least two homes were hit with gunshots. The police checked on the neighbors and saw that no one was hurt.

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