The Prospect of Property Tax Relief and $27 Billion State Surplus-Texas Sen. Paul Bettencourt talks about that

Just two months before a pivotal legislative session, Harris County was hit with another election integrity crisis. A second election integrity scandal hit Harris County just two months before a crucial legislative session. Senator Paul Bettencourt of Texas talks about the state’s $27 billion surplus and the potential benefits of lowering property taxes.

Texans continue asking for property tax relief

The District Attorney of GGHarris County has opened a probe into irregularities during the last midterm elections. “There were voting anomalies that needed to be looked into because of their potential impact on the election outcome. And I’ve never witnessed such public outcry before.”

“We are just about two months away from the start of the legislative session, and Governor Abbott has already announced that Texas has a $27 billion surplus. Despite your best efforts and prior delivery, Texans continue asking for property tax relief.” He continued.


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