Teen, Mother, And Boyfriend Arrested In Fresno County Triple Murder

A teenager, his mother, and her boyfriend have been taken into custody by Central Valley authorities subsequent to the discovery of four bodies in Fresno County.

On Tuesday, Reedley police reported that a 17-year-old had been taken into custody on suspicion of murder. The teenager’s boyfriend, 21-year-old Rafael Gonzalez, and mother, 34-year-old Brynn Curtis, are charged with accessory after the fact.

Three of the victims were discovered dead on Saturday in a Reedley area, according to the police. The bodies of the victims were found in backyard shallow graves.

A fourth victim was discovered in the home next door on Tuesday. Billy Bonds, age 81, Guadalupe Bonds, age 44, Darrell Bonds, age 61, and Matthew Bonds, age 43, have been identified as the victims. According to police, the suspect had also resided close.

The Mystery of Random And Motiveless Acts

The murderer’s reason has not been made public. One of the victims’ husbands is also being sought after by the authorities.

Teen, Mother, And Boyfriend Arrested In Fresno County Triple Murder

Nicole Zieba, the city manager of Reedley, reassured the people that they would be safe and stated that the crime was not random.

“It does not appear in any way that this was a random crime, a random set of crimes,” Zieba said. “And so I would want our community to understand that they are safe.”

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Police Chief Suspects More Involvement

The town’s police chief believes the 17-year-old suspect did not act alone, according to Fresno CBS station KGPE-TV.

“We know there are other people possibly involved in this,” Chief Joe Garza said Wednesday.

“My belief is the 17-year-old did not commit this on his own. So we are actively searching for other suspects, other people with information that may know what occurred, may have direct information on what occurred.”

According to the station, the 17-year-old is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

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