Sgt. Kelusak Retires After 28 Years in Lakewood Police

After 28 years of service, Detective Sergeant Steve Kelusak, who was assigned to the Lakewood Police Department, completed his retirement on November 29, 2023.

Kelusak started his career with the Los Angeles Police Department (LPD) in January 1996 as a patrolman. He ultimately worked his way up to the Detective’s Bureau and eventually became a member of the Street Crimes section. In the year 2016, he was given the rank of Sergeant.

Lakewood Police Street Crimes Detective Sgt. Steve Kelusak Retires after 28 Years of Service:

Additionally, for almost ten years, Sgt. Kelusak was the National Basketball Association State Delegate.

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In an interview with TLS, Chief Meyer stated that ”Steve was loyal and dedicated to the residents of Lakewood,”  “He was a cop’s cop. His departure will be a big loss for the department, and there are large shoes to fill.”

There was a walkout ceremony held at the headquarters of the police department, and close friends and family members were there.

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