Salem Resident’s Long Walk: Over 2,900 Miles, 30+ Oregon Cities Visited

In this week’s installment of “Let’s Get Out There,” we look at the incredible story of Ed Lazzara of Dundee, Oregon, a guy who embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Known as the “Earth Walker” by those who know him, Lazzara’s quest began quietly before blossoming into a passion that prompted him to walk the routes less frequented.

It all started in West Salem when a mystery neighborhood near his son’s school grabbed Lazzara’s interest in 2020. This piqued his interest, and he began a regular walking habit, gradually marking off the streets he wandered on a master map.

His dedication was relentless, transforming a casual habit into a serious goal to get to know his hometown like never before.

Conquering New Challenges

Lazzara’s ambition extended beyond West Salem. He set his sights on the entire city of Salem, strolling its streets meticulously for one and a half years.

His voyage continued, taking him to nearby communities such as Keizer, Turner, Aumsville, Independence, Dallas, and others. Dundee is his 32nd town, a monument to his persistent curiosity.

Salem Resident's Long Walk: Over 2,900 Miles, 30+ Oregon Cities Visited

Despite an old back ailment, Lazzara travels light, carrying only what he needs, such as his phone, wallet, keys, and the all-important map.

Rain or shine, he makes time for his walks, exemplifying resilience and dedication. He has now clocked an incredible 2,900 miles.

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Inspiration and Future Steps

Lazzara’s walking trip is about more than simply the physical journey; it’s about connecting with his surroundings and gaining a better understanding of himself. With over 338 walks under his belt, he’s not just mapping territory on a map but also imprinting these experiences in his mind.

While the bustling streets of Portland may appear overwhelming, Lazzara’s focus remains on smaller, more manageable targets, with McMinnville next on his list.

His narrative is a powerful reminder of the beauty and simplicity of discovering the world right outside our door.

Lazzara’s message is simple: find what motivates you and fully embrace it. It’s about making the most of our lovely Earth, whether it’s a walk around the block or an adventure across towns.

His adventure, measured in steps rather than kilometers, inspires us all to “get out there” and discover the beauties that await us in our backyards.

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