Headline: Carter County Schools Launches Green Revolution with New Electric Buses

Carter County Schools takes a giant leap towards environmental consciousness by introducing a fleet of 23 electric buses.

This initiative is driven by a commitment to sustainability and a desire to provide cleaner and quieter transportation for students.

All 23 of the buses are up and running, taking their turns picking up and dropping off students:

Carter County Schools’ Cost-Free Eco Upgrade

With the support of a generous grant exceeding $9 million from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Carter County Schools has invested in a modern and eco-friendly fleet.

The district wisely utilized the grant to secure the buses from Blue Bird, ensuring a cost-free transition for the school.

Renewal for a Greener Tomorrow:

Superintendent Paul Green shares the district’s broader vision, emphasizing that the new electric buses are part of a larger plan to replace older buses that have reached the end of their lifespan.

Although traditional buses cost around $150,000, the investment in these electric counterparts at approximately $375,000 each promises long-term environmental benefits.

Savings for Education Excellence:

Green looks forward to potential savings on bus purchases and fuel costs.

The financial relief is expected to be redirected towards educational enhancements, including teacher salaries and additional staff.

The move is seen as an investment in the quality of education for students.

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Comfortable and Cleaner Rides:

Kelley Moore, a bus driver and principal, lauds the improved experience of the electric buses. Beyond being quieter, she describes the experience as akin to driving a new car.

Ronnie Cooley, Director of Transportation, highlights the positive impact on both students and drivers, noting the absence of exhaust-related inconveniences.

This marks a significant milestone in the school district’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

As all 23 electric buses hit the roads, Carter County Schools sets an example for environmentally conscious and efficient school transportation.

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