Rising COVID-19 Cases In Palm Beach Post-Christmas: How Effective Is The Latest Vaccine?

The most recent sewage statistics indicate an exponential spike of COVID-19 infections in Palm Beach County after Christmas Day, while the spread is still less than it was a year before.

According to the most recent studies, coronavirus particle counts in the wastewater of the Loxahatchee River District in the Jupiter area increased by about 60% after Christmas.

On December 29, the National Wastewater SCAN project discovered that the sewage had almost 136 virus particles per milligram of sewage in samples that the district supplied. The rate was around 86 coronavirus particles per milligram seven days prior.

Coronavirus levels increased during the last week of 2022, going from 150.5 particles per milligram on December 23 to 282 particles per milligram on December 30.

What’s The Latest With The Latest COVID Vaccine?

Throughout November and December, Palm Beach County’s and Florida’s COVID-19 immunization rates declined. The most recent state Health Department records reveal that for the week ending December 22, just 1,979 county residents received vaccinations. It is a decrease from 3,990 in the week that ended on November 24.

Rising COVID-19 Cases In Palm Beach Post-Christmas: How Effective Is The Latest Vaccine?

Since the release of the most recent COVID-19 vaccine in September of 2023, vaccination rates have decreased by more than 85% both statewide and in counties.

The most vaccinations in a single week last year occurred during the week ending September 29, when almost 16,000 people in Palm Beach County received vaccinations.

In the state, 26,181 persons received vaccinations in the week ending December 22, a decrease from over 178,000 in the week ending September 29.

Pharmacies sell vaccines all around Palm Beach County. Adults without insurance or whose insurance does not cover COVID-19 vaccinations can locate vaccine providers online at vaccines.gov.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in December that the most recent COVID vaccination should protect the most recent dominant virus variety, JN.1. JN.1 was “neutralized” in those who received the most recent vaccinations, according to blood analysis, the World Health Organization stated in December.

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