Porter County Ravine Crash: One Person Injured in Truck Accident

An accident that occurred near Chesterton on westbound Interstate 94 resulted in a truck leaving the roadway and crashing into the water. Emergency medical services and firefighters arrived to the scene.

A pick-up vehicle reportedly veered off the lane and eventually came to rest in a gully beneath the highway at some point in the recent days, as stated by the officials.

The truck was discovered by two Good Samaritans on Tuesday afternoon when they were doing their search for a fishing place.

Since Wednesday, the driver had been unable to access his phone, which had been dropped on the floor of the vehicle. He told them that he had been stuck in the vehicle since Wednesday.

According to the officials, firefighters were able to save him, and he was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital with injuries that were considered to be life-threatening.

Check out some of the latest accident news:

It has been reported by Total Traffic that the usual traffic lanes of Interstate 94 have been closed for a number of miles between State Route 249 and United States Route 20 as emergency workers respond to the accident.

Shortly around six o’clock, all lanes were made available again.

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