Police Shoot and Kill Two People in Parkville Home Invasion

Several police officers fired their guns at a home invasion in Parkville, Maryland, on Friday, killing two people. Maxine Redfern, 48, and Arnel Redfern, 52, have been named by Baltimore County Police as the people who died.

Around 11:30 p.m., police were first called to the 2700 block of Maple Avenue for reports of a domestic dispute. Reports say that when the cops got to the scene of the disturbance, they went up to the house and could hear a woman screaming inside.

Just before he knocked on the door, he could hear a woman in distress,” Det. Anthony Shelton of the Baltimore County Police Department said.

The Baltimore County Police Department has identified the deceased suspect and victim involved in the homicide that occurred Friday night in Parkville:

When the door opened, the officer “immediately faced gunfire from the side of the house,” Shelton said. A press release said that the preliminary analysis showed that someone was shot and killed inside the house.

The investigation found that someone did fire at the police who arrived. After shots were fired, that person was found outside the house with a gunshot wound. The police say they found a handgun next to the body of the suspect.

Three officers from the Baltimore County Police Department fired their guns during this event. A spokesperson for Baltimore County Police said that they had responded to reports of domestic violence at the address before. The most recent report came in October.

The connection between the two dead people has not been proven. As of October 10, 2023, court records show that they were married, lived at the same address, and Maxine Redfern was trying to get a divorce.

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These records show a past of domestic violence that led to hearings in October where Arnel had to promise to do a number of things, such as not abuse anyone and giving up his guns. Liz Stevens, who lives in the neighborhood, said that death hurts.

It’s hard. Stevens said, “It’s painful, and just, it’s someone who was there who’s just gone.” “The suddenness of it was a really deep shock.”

Homicide officers from the Baltimore County Police Department are looking into what happened before and after the shooting that killed the person.

The part of the incident where a cop shot someone will be looked into by the Maryland Attorney General’s Independent Investigations Division.

It was given to the office to look into all cases where an officer’s acts kill a civilian. The Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 was made to help with that.

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