3 Hurt, 6 Juveniles Detained in Katy Mills Mall Shooting

A shooting that took place at Katy Mills Mall is being investigated by the Katy Police Department. Before shots were fired, the event reportedly started as an altercation between a group of juveniles in the parking lot of the mall, according to the officials who investigated it.

According to the investigators, one of the suspects ran back inside the shopping center following the incident.

According to official reports, the gunshot resulted in the injuries of three people. The shooting did not result in any fatalities.

A parking area not far away was reportedly where the police detained six juveniles suspected of being involved in the crime.

Katy Mills Mall shooting: 3 people injured, 6 juveniles detained

The latest shooting incident news:

Some of the adolescents were found to be in possession of knives; however, it is currently unknown whether or not these knives played any role in the occurrence. There were no further weapons discovered.

According to the police, a vehicle that had been reported stolen in the Harris County region was located and recovered in the mall.

A witness informed the reporter for FOX 26 that she was shopping inside Burlington when she heard the shots and saw numerous people begin to run away from the area. The witness said that she saw multiple individuals begin to flee away from the area.

The inquiry is being led by the Katy Police Department. We will continue to provide updates to this post as new information becomes available because this is a developing story.

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