Police Identify Woman Killed In Shooting At Jaguar Restaurant In West El Paso!

The lady who died during a shooting at a bar in West El Paso has been named by police. On October 15, at around 1:54 a.m., a shooting took place at the El Jaguar bar, which is situated in the 5200 block of Mesa Street.

Rosario Gonzalez, age 21, was confirmed as the deceased woman. Gonzalez was brought to the hospital after officers discovered him suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

Two further patients, ages 18 and 17, were transported to the hospital, according to the inquiry. Gonzalez, one of the victims who was brought to the hospital, passed away as a result of the gunshot wounds she received.

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Investigators were able to establish that a fight broke out in the parking lot between patrons of the bar as a result of an argument.

In an effort to learn more about the suspects, the El Paso Police Department is aggressively looking into the event.

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