Police Identify Suspect in Utah AMBER Alert for Missing 13-year-old

Utah — LAYTON Police in Layton, Utah, has issued an AMBER Alert for a missing 13-year-old boy and named an Arizona man they believe abducted the child.

Help is needed in locating 13-year-old Evan McConney, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Layton Police Department. He is 5′ 4 “, a slender 5’11”, and 110 pounds, with a stout build and a natural brown look.

He could don a hooded windbreaker, black sweatpants, blue and grey sneakers with a yellow Cobra Kai logo, and a white T-shirt with blue and yellow bunny skull and bones graphics. He may also be sporting a beanie decorated with the same blue and yellow logo.

According to the police, McConney was abducted by a man “suspected” to be named Hunter Fox. Later, however, authorities updated the situation by revealing the man’s true identity: Aaron Zemen, a 26-year-old Arizona resident. Tadashi Kojima is another name for him.

Zemen’s car is a white 1998 Toyota Avalon with a damaged grill and the temporary Arizona license plate #22225NP. The police say that Zemen met McConney on Tuesday after exchanging online messages with him on Monday night.

Authorities believe the two may be traveling to Arizona or Texas. There is no blood connection between them. McConney, 13, is described as handsome and brilliant by Beth Cooper, a close friend of his mother.

In describing his upbringing, his mother and father said, “He comes from a very loving household, safe environment. He’s grown up with two loving parents his entire life, “…she explained. “It’s not like he’s desperately trying to escape a dysfunctional family—someone who wasn’t who they claimed to be used that deception to their advantage and manipulate him.

Lt. Travis Lyman says that McConney’s parents reported him missing to Layton Police on Tuesday morning after he failed to return home from work.

Given that the child is only 13, it would be considered kidnapping if he were to leave with this adult without permission from his parents. “What he had to say was. Lyman claimed that a few weeks ago, McConney’s parents had reported to police that their son had been communicating with the 26-year-old suspect.

When a child disappears in this way, finding them immediately becomes our top priority “This is what he had to say, he explained. “We’re making every possible effort to track him down.

According to Cooper, Zemen had previously requested Evan’s passport, which he had brought along. Police want them for questioning in connection with a possible kidnapping in Utah, Arizona, or Texas.

A 13-year-old boy is duped by an older man who is pretending to be someone else and saying things he doesn’t know, “according to Cooper. “He hasn’t yet figured out why people refuse to leave their homes when asked to.

Layton Police can be reached at 801-497-8300 or via 911 if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of either of the two people.

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