Chicago Police Searching for a Man who Followed the Teen Girl out of Mount Prospect Walmart

On Tuesday night, police in Mount Prospect were looking for a guy who had followed a 15-year-old girl out of the store.

The incident reportedly occurred at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Monday at the Walmart located at 930 Mount Prospect Plaza, when the teen was standing in the self-checkout queue. She looked back to see a man in a black trench coat and a black hat waiting behind her in line.

They say she exited the Walmart and was last seen traveling east on Centennial Drive behind the store. She looked back and saw the man in the trench coat following her from a safe distance of 10 feet.

According to authorities, the male ran up to the girl and grabbed her bag


According to the rules, the girl fled away while clutching her purse, and the male did not give chase. The man remained silent and did not address the female. The white male in the Walmart surveillance footage had short hair and a mustache and was dressed entirely in black except for his black baseball cap. There was no car involved.

The Mount Prospect Police Department’s Investigations Unit can be reached at (847) 870-5654 if anyone has any leads.


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