Orange County Sheriff’s Office Launches Latest Tracking Software

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has launched new software designed to streamline the tracking and reporting of various incidents, including the use of force, work-related injuries, commendations, complaints, and damage to agency property.

Sheriff Paul Arteta expressed the agency’s commitment to modernizing law enforcement practices to better address shortcomings and commend outstanding actions.

Introducing CI Technologies IA Pro, Blue Team, and EI Core Programs

The agency has adopted three key programs: CI Technologies IA Pro, Blue Team, and EI Core. These platforms play a pivotal role in tracking and documenting internal processes within the Sheriff’s Office.

Functionality of Blue Team Software

The Blue Team software enables field personnel in corrections and criminal divisions to document incidents such as use of force, discipline, commendations, complaints, and agency-related vehicle accidents.

These reports undergo a digital review process, ensuring thorough evaluation and approval at each stage by higher authorities.

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District Attorney’s Support and Future of Law Enforcement

Funding for these cutting-edge programs was provided by Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler, emphasizing the importance of such software in predicting and monitoring officer behavior.

Hoovler sees this technology as instrumental in fostering a more efficient law enforcement department dedicated to serving the community effectively.

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