Mysterious Explosion in Tennessee Left Citizens in Awe as Source Remains Unknown

Several agencies in Montgomery County, Tennessee spent hours looking for the source of what is considered an “unknown phenomena” that caused reports of a loud explosion and the ground shaking.

Residents from Sango to Old Russellville Pike, even out to Woodlawn, had a “what was that” moment Saturday night after a loud boom shook the ground, but as of Sunday morning it remained a mystery.

At about 9:50 PM, the 911 Dispatch Center received numerous calls about a “loud explosion” being heard, and several people reported they felt the “ground shake,” according to a notice from Clarksville Police.

Residents surmise that could have been anything from a major vehicular accident to an earthquake, while some reported seeing a flash. However, there have been no reports of injuries or property damage.

The Clarksville Police Department, Fire Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and Emergency Medical Services searched for a couple of hours but were unable to locate the source, the CPD notice said.

Additionally, the United States Geological Survey did not register an earthquake in the area.

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In a tweet by Josh Breslow, a video was captured wherein you could hear a loud boom in the background.

Fort Campbell is on a four-day weekend due to the Labor Day holiday and does not appear to be conducting any type of training or exercise.

Most people were in their houses, and the calls that got through 911 came from all over Montgomery County, which could mean that the explosion was loud enough to be heard by the county’s general populace.

“Currently, this seems to be some sort of unknown phenomena until someone reports actual damage,” the notice said.

By Sunday, Clarksville police still have not found any conclusive evidence as to the cause of the explosion and had described the incident as “some sort of unknown phenomena.”

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