Mills Emerges as Fastest-Growing Town in Wyoming

According to a recent report by Wyoming’s Economic Analysis Division, Mills emerged as the fastest-growing town among those with over 2,000 residents.

The town saw an increase of 188 people from July 2021 to June 2022, marking a 4.4% rise in its population, reaching a total of 4,431.

Diverse Population Shifts Across Towns

Mills Emerges as Fastest-Growing Town in Wyoming
Mills Emerges as Fastest-Growing Town in Wyoming

While smaller towns like Star Valley Ranch grew by 3.3%, Lovell, Afton, and Buffalo experienced a 1.8% increase.

However, towns like Newcastle and Douglas saw a more modest rise of about 1.2%.

Conversely, larger towns such as Cheyenne and Casper faced a slight population decline.

Cheyenne saw 456 fewer residents (0.7% drop), totaling 64,610, while Casper had a decrease of 220 residents (0.4% drop), totaling 58,543.

Population Decline in Jackson and Rollins

Jackson faced a 1.6% drop in population, decreasing from 10,869 residents in July 2021 to 10,698 in July 2022.

Similarly, Rawlins experienced a 1.2% decrease, with 101 fewer residents, dropping from 8,298 to 8,197.

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Overall Population Trends and Pandemic Influence

Wyoming witnessed a population increase of about 1,898 individuals, predominantly in rural areas.

Wenlin Liu, the chief economist, highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on migration patterns, as more individuals opted for less crowded and more cost-effective areas conducive to remote work.

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