Miami-Dade Charter School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Student-Related Behavior

Authorities say that an athletics teacher at a charter school in Miami-Dade County was arrested last week after they learned of “suspicious activity” between him and a female student.

Jose Glen Rodriguez Vazquez, who was 33 years old at the time of his arrest, worked at Doctors Charter School, which is located at 11301 NW Fifth Ave. in Miami Shores.

Police said that security video shows the student missing class and going to Rodriguez Vazquez’s office more than once. The report says that the videos were made at different times between Halloween and November 14.

There is a video that police say shows Rodriguez Vazquez looking at the student’s bottom while she leaned over to put a cup on the table next to his desk. She was wearing a short skirt.

An athletics teacher at a charter school in Miami-Dade County was arrested last week after police became aware of “suspicious activity” involving him and a female student, authorities said.:

Reports say that another video shows them walking to a corner outside of his classroom and then going back inside.

There was no reason for the student to be in Rodriguez Vazquez’s office when she was meant to be in another class, according to the police. She is not currently enrolled in any of his classes.

Police say the student was questioned by an officer in front of her parents and admitted to having several sexual encounters with Rodriguez Vazquez. However, she refused to give specifics about all the things they talked about.

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Authorities say she did say that he told her, “I wish I could kiss you right now,” as they stood in the corner of a classroom.

Police say that a search of the student’s phone showed that it had multiple receiving and outgoing calls with Rodriguez Vazquez.

Rodriguez Vazquez was pulled over by police in his car on Friday after getting home from school. He was arrested on charges of causing harm to children by adults in charge.

A police report said Rodriguez Vazquez used his right not to talk to officers without an attorney present. The school was contacted by Local 10 News, but they had not heard back at the time of publishing.

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