Jersey City Pays $175K Over Deaf Man’s Parking Ticket

There is a possibility that it is one of the most expensive parking tickets in the history of Jersey City. Nevertheless, the city is the one who is responsible for paying the bill, not the scofflaw.

In order to resolve a federal lawsuit that was filed against the city of Jersey City, a deaf man will receive $175,000 as a settlement.

The complaint was made after the municipal court of the city refused to provide a sign-language interpreter for several months when the man attempted to contest the ticket in court.

Deaf man’s parking ticket ends up costing Jersey City $175K:

It was last week that the city council gave its approval to the settlement, along with three other claims that were unrelated, for a total of $240,000.

On the 30th of August, a federal judge decided in favor of Ryan Cuevas, stating that Jersey City had discriminated against him.

These news are making headlines:

The case was then scheduled to go to trial in order to determine the amount of damages that were to be awarded.

Cuevas, who is represented by Andrew Rozynski of Eisenberg & Baum, a law firm based in New York, dropped his complaint after reaching an agreement to pay the sum of $175,000.

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