Major Accident Closes Northbound Highway 37 In San Antonio!

On San Antonio’s northbound Highway 37, close to the Southcross exit, a serious accident involving numerous vehicles happened on Wednesday morning at four.

An unfortunate occurrence started when a passenger car lost control, slammed into a median, and overturned.

When the female driver was thrown through the front windshield as a result of the impact, she suffered serious injuries, which made the situation worse. A four-year-old passenger in the car also sustained injuries.

The little child and the mom were quickly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment; it is unknown what their present circumstances are.

In order to hasten the accident investigation and clear the debris, the northbound lanes of Interstate 37 and Southcross were briefly closed after the collision.

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In response to the emergency calls, the San Antonio Police Department reacted and quickly arrived on the site. Drivers were encouraged to find alternate routes until order was restored as a result of the event’s significant traffic congestion.

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