Informational Conference About Lyoya Murder

An informational hearing was held regarding the murder case against a former Grand Rapids police officer in connection with the death of Patrick Lyoya on Tuesday morning. The prosecution and Chris Schurr’s defense team met in the judge’s chambers.

For the death of Lyoya, 26, on April 4, Schurr, 31, of Grandville, is charged with second-degree murder. He was required to appear in court in October. The meeting on Tuesday morning, according to defense attorney Matt Borgula, was mostly administrative in nature.

When the case got to trial, Schurr’s defense team was unsurprised and continues to express confidence that he will be found not guilty. Schurr deserves a fair trial just like every other defendant, according to Borgula.

This is how our legal system operates. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial. Officer Schurr is granted the same rights as every other defendant in a case under a system that has been in place for a long time, and that is what is taking on in this case, according to Borgula.

The trial is not likely to begin until next year. A date will be chosen when lawyers and the court convene for a status conference.

“I know people have predetermined what the outcome is. They would like to see something happen, but this is going to go according to the court’s calendar”, said Borgula. It will be structured in a way that is consistent with other situations. There won’t be any particular consideration given here to appease the public in any way. The United States’ and the State of Michigan’s Constitutions provide for a process to be followed in this, according to Borgula.


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