A Murder in LA County Drives ‘Unlicensed’ Podcast’s Mystery

This writer team’s last podcast, “Welcome to Night Vale,” took listeners on a spooky tour of a fictitious desert town. Now, they’re using actual Los Angeles neighbourhoods as the setting for a new detective noir series.

Unlicensed Podcast

The opportunity to write a mystery was a lot of fun. With two Hollywood actors voicing the major characters, Jeffrey Cranor and writing partner Joseph Fink’s newest podcast, “Unlicensed,” debuted earlier this month.

“It was a totally new challenge for us, and I’m hopeful we’re able to reach a new audience,” Cranor said.

Fink said, “We’re just very eager for people to hear this narrative, which I believe came out better than I ever thought.”

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The “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast was started ten years ago by Fink and Cranor. Its setting was a bizarre desert village, and its subject matter was conspiracies and unusual paranormal occurrences.

In 2015, the series of books was released, and more than 300 million downloads were made.

Eccentricity and Weirdness

The pair’s first brand-new podcast since then, “Unlicensed,” takes listeners on a completely different route from their earlier work. It definitely qualifies as a thriller, L.A. Noir.”

It is dramatic and has aspects of comedy, eccentricity, and weirdness, but unlike our previous podcast, it is set in a realistic world, according to Cranor.

Molly Quinn, who previously appeared on ABC’s “Castle,” voices Molly Hatch in the 12-episode series that can be downloaded on Audible.com and the Audible app.

Hatch just got divorced, has been clean for two years, and is unsure of where her life will go from here. She chooses, on a whim, to respond to an advertisement for a private investigator’s assistant in Azusa.

Lou Rosen, the private investigator, is voiced by Lusia Strus, who has acted in movies like “50 First Dates” and television episodes like “Claws” on TNT.

Although Rosen is a talented investigator, she is utterly unorganised on both a physical and cerebral level. As a result, she often misplaces important evidence or forgets what she has previously worked out.

Private Investigator’s Licence

She hasn’t been able to get herself together to receive her private investigator’s licence as a result. She continues to work despite this, taking on whatever cases she can acquire without permission.

She decides to embark on a case involving an adolescent girl, which leads the two detectives on a path that includes ransom, murder, a mystery health facility, and maybe even ties back to a prominent politician.

T.L. narrates the podcast. Thompson, a regular on the CW’s “4400,” serves as more of a guide on the podcast, advancing the plot while also giving the show additional depth.

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According to Cranor, we try to give the narrator more than just a retelling of what happened.

The narrator offers a broader perspective that extends just beyond the people themselves to look at the history of Los Angeles and the surrounding region, something that provides a deeper context.

Detectives Across Los Angeles

The case brings the detectives across Los Angeles, neighbourhoods including Kagel Canyon, an unincorporated region north of Lake View Terrace, Northridge, the City of Industry, and even smaller municipalities like Azusa.

The authors said that their desire to collaborate with the podcasts’ voice actors and their desire to write about these particular areas served as the inspiration for this novel.

“We write a lot for musicians we know and like.” Fink was inspired by Molly Quinn, T.L., and Lusia Strus to design something for Thompson’s three voices. I grew up in Camarillo with a Los Angeles household.

I’ve been driving around Los Angeles for many generations. And since I really enjoy this location, I thought it might be interesting to write something here.

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