Giuliani Avoids Being Charged In New York City For Devices Seized

According to prosecutors, Rudy Giuliani won’t charge with a crime in Manhattan. This decision made more than a year after the FBI raided the ex-apartment mayor and seized many electronic devices.

To update a Manhattan federal court judge on the status of the investigation. And also about the prosecutors and Giuliani’s defense lawyer have sent letters regularly. A special master who is independent and impartial appoints to examine the seized materials.

Prosecutors wrote to Judge Paul Oetken on Monday to inform him that Giuliani would not be facing any criminal charges.

The government wrote, “The Government writes to inform the Court that the grand jury investigation. Which resulted in the issuance of the above-referenced warrants has concluded. That based on information currently available to the Government, criminal charges are not forthcoming.”

After his Manhattan apartment raid, a source told The Post that federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York were looking into Giuliani’s relationship with Yuriy Lutsenko, a former top Ukrainian prosecutor.

The source claimed that the federal government was looking into whether Giuliani inadvertently violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by acting as a representative for Lutsenko, a key figure in former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment.

Several Ukrainian officials, including Lutsenko, are said to have given Giuliani potentially damaging information about Trump’s political foes.
Congress impeached Trump in 2019 over allegations that he sought dirt on Joe Biden from Ukrainian officials to win the 2020 election.

Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Biden after the Senate cleared him of all charges. The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and, ultimately, Trump’s second impeachment caused by Trump and Giuliani’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election.

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