Lake County Clerk Announces Compensation Hike for Poll Workers

The Lake County Board recently passed a budget that will increase pay for the hardworking and dedicated pollworkers who make sure that elections run smoothly in our community. The Lake County Clerk’s Office is happy to say that these workers will be getting more money.

The Office of the County Clerk needs hundreds of people from the community to help out in a wide range of jobs so that every election has enough staff.

The office of the county clerk has a strategy of paying these poll workers for their time, training, and service in making sure the elections are run smoothly.

The Lake County Clerk’s Office announces increased compensation for pollworkers:

The new system for paying qualified election judges and election workers is as follows:

Judges of Election:

  • Check-In Judge: $225 (increased from $165)
  • Voter Services Judge: $240 (increased from $195)
  • Ballot Box Judge: $285 (increased from $205)
  • Early Voting Judge: $15/hr (increased from $12/hr)

To make sure polls run smoothly, election pollworkers do many things, such as checking people in, managing polling places, and fixing problems with election equipment. Each job is very important for making sure that the democratic process is open and easy for everyone in the community to understand.

“We value the hard work and dedication of our pollworkers. This increase in compensation reflects our commitment to ensuring a fair and competitive rate of pay for their invaluable contributions to the Lake County electoral process,” stated Anthony Vega, Lake County Clerk.

These news are making headlines:

People in the community who want to work as poll workers are encouraged to apply here with the Lake County Clerk’s Office. Come work as an election worker for our great town and be the proud face of democracy in action.

Thank you to everyone who worked at the polls for their hard work and attention to making sure that the election process in Lake County was fair.

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