Holmes County School District’s Plan To Withstand Lack of Bus Drivers

The Holmes County School District, like many others, is experiencing a bus driver shortage. Because of this long-standing issue, school bus routes have been reduced from 34 to 30.

According to Superintendent Buddy Brown, this issue has persisted, with retired drivers not being replaced. Despite the fact that many prospects apply, many do not finish the onboarding process.

Adapting with Consolidation and Dual Roles

To deal with the situation, the district has implemented a bus route consolidation scheme. This consolidation has recently occurred in Ponce De Leon, for example.

Furthermore, the district is deploying its current personnel in dual roles, where they accomplish their primary responsibilities while simultaneously serving as substitute bus drivers.

Holmes County School District's Plan To Withstand Lack of Bus Drivers

The Challenge Of Hiring On A Tight Budget

The process of becoming a school bus driver is far more complicated than that of becoming an over-the-road truck driver. Candidates must get a passenger endorsement, which causes many to fail the physical examination.

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For those few who make it through the two to three-month hiring process, the district has another challenge: insufficient cash to raise driver compensation.

This budgetary constraint affects efforts to recruit and retain qualified bus drivers, aggravating the district’s transportation quandary.

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