Franklin County’s YMCA Opens Satellite Site in Buckland

The Franklin County YMCA is collaborating with the University of Washington on a study on the effectiveness of their EnhanceFitness program.

This ten-year-old program tries to help people dealing with the effects of arthritis. In addition to the study, the YMCA is expanding its offerings by opening a new satellite campus at Mohawk Trail Regional School.

EnhanceFitness Program Overview:

The YMCA’s EnhanceFitness program, created to help people with arthritis, will be at the heart of the research.

This group fitness project has been a YMCA fixture for a decade, and the organization is now investigating how it functions in both in-person and virtual settings.

Franklin County's YMCA Opens Satellite Site in Buckland
Franklin County’s YMCA Opens Satellite Site in Buckland

New Satellite Location at Mohawk Trail Regional School:

The Franklin County YMCA is establishing a satellite campus at Mohawk Trail Regional School on 26 Ashfield Road as part of the research.

The new venue intends to provide participants from Franklin County with easy access to in-person classes three times a week.

Study Details and Incentives:

The study will run from January 29 to May 17, and participants will be required to complete surveys before, during, and after the program.

Notably, the program is free, and individuals who complete all of the surveys will be paid $125.

The study is open to people aged 18 and up who have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, or lupus.

Community Reach and Expansion:

This project demonstrates the YMCA’s dedication to supporting the greater Franklin County community.

The Y’s Fitness and Social Responsibility Director, Jayne Trosin, emphasized that they are not limited to Greenfield, saying, “This is the first time in a long time we’ll be up that way.”

The Mohawk Trail Regional School location is the sixth satellite facility, with established programs in other locations throughout the county.

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YMCA Trials New Program in the Area

The new satellite facility at Mohawk Trail Regional School is intended to be a test program.

Its performance will be critical in assessing the long-term interest and feasibility of YMCA programming in the area.

Trosin stays positive, saying, “If it’s successful, we’ll figure out a way to stay there. It’s an untapped market.”


The Franklin County YMCA is not only contributing to important arthritis research, but it is also increasing its reach by opening a new satellite location.

This collaborative project demonstrates the Y’s commitment to community health and well-being, with an emphasis on meeting the unique needs of those suffering with arthritis.

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