Former Police Officer Faces R*pe Charges in Hardin County

In Radcliff, a retired police officer is being investigated for a variety of crimes, including r*pe and sodomy.

David Love, 69 years old, was brought into custody by the Kentucky State Police on January 4 following an investigation, as stated in the arrest citation.

A s*xual interaction between Love and a 14-year-old is said to have occurred, according to the investigation.

Retired police officer arrested for r*pe in Hardin County:

According to KSP, Love confirmed in a non-custodial interview that he had received s*xual acts from the teenager.

In addition to that, he admitted that he had child pornography stored on his tablet and that he had shared it on social media.

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There were two other instances of s*xual actions that took place when the adolescent was younger than 14 years old, and they lasted until they were 14 years old.

Hardin County Detention Center is the location where Love is now being kept.

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