Florida City Couple Arrested: Accused of Beating Children with Extension Cord

A couple from Florida City was arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse after it was found that their young children had been hurt in troubling ways.

Janice Young, 46, and Ashanti Sereeta Young, 43, were arrested Thursday. Authorities say that the incident was found out when a school counselor at the kids’ elementary school raised worries about their safety.

The arrest report states that during the interviews with the victims, one of the children, a boy who was seven years old, revealed that his mother, Janice Young, had beaten him with a white extension cord for coloring in one of his books.

Florida City couple was arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse after an investigation revealed disturbing incidents of violence against their young children:

This information was obtained from the interviews that were performed with the victims. It was said that his eight-year-old sister confirmed the story by saying she was hit with a white electrical wire for acting up while coloring and drawing over Thanksgiving break.

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Both children were found to have visible injuries, including “linear scars and scabbed welts on their bodies,” as stated by the police. All of these injuries were consistent with the children’s statements.

The children were checked out by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. The Florida Department of Children and Families later took the children away from the home. There was a separate interrogation conducted for Janice Young and Ashanti Young when they were taken into custody.

The police report says that Janice first denied being involved, saying that the kids had hit each other, and Ashanti said she hadn’t seen the kids’ injuries because she doesn’t usually see their bare skin.

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