Father and Daughter Found Dead in Calhoun County: Hypothermia Confirmed as Cause

The Calhoun County Coroner, Donnie Porth, confirmed that the tragic deaths of Jason Murph, 42, and his daughter, Michelle Murph, 6, were due to hypothermia, a condition resulting from extreme cold temperatures.

Discovery and Confirmation of Cause

The pair went missing on December 17 and were later discovered near their crashed vehicle in Calhoun County on December 18.

The wreckage, located in a field off Lavender Lane, showed signs of damage and fire. K9 units, involved in the search, found the victims approximately 30 to 50 yards away from the vehicle.

Although autopsy results conducted on Friday were inconclusive, Coroner Porth determined hypothermia as the cause of death, considering the weather conditions prevalent during that time.

The pair had no suspicious injuries and no foul play is suspected.:

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Absence of Suspicion and Ongoing Investigation

Authorities noted no suspicious injuries, eliminating suspicion of foul play in the tragic incident. The absence of any signs of harm supports the conclusion that their deaths were due to exposure to cold temperatures.

While the autopsies didn’t conclusively determine the cause of their passing, the circumstances surrounding the crashed vehicle and their location hinted at the extreme weather conditions contributing to their demise.

Investigations continue to ascertain the exact sequence of events leading to the untimely deaths of Jason and Michelle Murph.

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