Fairfax County Murder Suspect Arrested In Burke Lake Park Case!

After discovering a woman’s body inside a tent over the weekend on the campgrounds of Burke Lake Park in Virginia, police on Monday detained and charged a man with second-degree m*rder, according to authorities.

Rami El Sayed, the suspect, was detained by Paterson, New Jersey, police at 2:02 a.m. on Monday, according to Fairfax County police. According to Fairfax police, Sayed was returned to the county.

According to a statement from the Fairfax Police Department, at 3:09 on Saturday afternoon, officers were sent to Burke Lake Park at 7315 Ox Road in Fairfax Station after receiving a 911 call.

Major Jeff Reiff of the Fairfax County Police Department’s Major Crimes Bureau stated during a news conference on Monday that a group that was meant to rent the area where the tent was discovered showed up on Saturday and noticed it at the scene. They informed the park supervisors, who went to check the tent and discovered Abbruscato’s body there, according to Reiff. According to Reiff, the managers subsequently alerted Fairfax County Police.

She was pronounced dead at the scene by fire and rescue officials, according to authorities. According to Reiff, Abbruscato and Sayed had a meeting between a week and ten days prior to the event.

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According to Reiff, investigators linked Sayed to an employer after identifying Sayed as a person of interest based on evidence found within the tent. Sayed was then recognized by police thanks to prior employment. Police were able to link the two based on park surveillance footage, Reiff said.

Reiff stated that because Abbruscato’s vehicle was not present at the scene, officers put its license plate information into an LPR system. After that, New Jersey police informed Fairfax County police that the car had been discovered there. Rieff stated that the vehicle was tracked by Fairfax County and New Jersey police. Reiff stated that Sayed was at a stop light when police brought him into custody without a hitch, according to Paterson police.

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According to Reiff, Fairfax County will examine Abbruscato’s car for additional evidence. According to the police, officers from the homicide unit of the serious crimes bureau are looking into the circumstances surrounding her death. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death after the chief medical examiner’s office discovers signs of trauma to the body.

Abbruscato suffered many stab wounds to her upper body, according to Reiff. According to him, no weapons were found at the scene. Authorities advised anyone who saw a temporary tent at the Burke Lake Park campground between September 19 and September 30 to contact the Major Crimes Department at 703-246-7800.

Prior to her safe return, Abbruscato was reported missing by Fairfax County police on September 3. Monday attempts to get in touch with Abbruscato’s and Sayed’s family members were unsuccessful.

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