Fort Worth Police Investigate Double Homicide, Manhunt Underway!

Police are looking for a man accused of shooting three individuals on Saturday at a home in southeast Fort Worth, ki!!ing two of them, according to authorities. According to a news release from Fort Worth police, Juan Armando Gallardo is sought after for the capital m*rder of several victims.

According to authorities, investigators think Gallardo has already fled to Mexico or is in the midst of doing so. Call Detective Sones at 817-392-4404 if you have any information about this.

At a house in the 700 block of House Street, close to East Lancaster Avenue and Oakland Boulevard, a shooting occurred on a Saturday afternoon.

When officers arrived at the residence, they discovered many victims; one of them passed away there, according to the police. Two other victims were transported in an ambulance to a hospital, where one of them passed away. The second person who was in the hospital was treated and released.

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According to the police, Gallardo shot the three victims “unprovoked,” ki!!ing two of them. No other details regarding the shooting’s course of events were disclosed.

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