Erin Rider Steps into Salt Lake County Mayoral Race

Erin Rider, an attorney and former Republican congressional candidate, officially launched her campaign for Salt Lake County mayor.

Erin Rider, an attorney and former Republican congressional candidate, has announced a campaign for mayor of Salt Lake County:

Vision for the County’s Future

Rider stressed the importance of a leader who can handle tough problems honestly and with practical solutions.

She talked about her work helping businesses and wants to use that knowledge to help Salt Lake County, which has many different things going on

Rider Targets County Concerns: Crime, Homelessness, Housing

Rider began his political career by campaigning against another Republican in 2022. He previously worked for Senator Orrin Hatch.

She highlighted what she believes the county’s present leaders are doing improperly, particularly in dealing with crime, homelessness, and housing expenses.

Rider pledged to make things more transparent, to support police and emergency personnel, and to find long-term solutions to major issues such as homelessness.

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Rider’s Vision vs. Wilson’s Reelection Goals

Rider wants to make Salt Lake County a great place for everyone. She’s all about honesty, supporting the police, and finding lasting fixes to make the community stronger.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jenny Wilson, a Democrat, is getting ready for reelection. She’s concentrating on tackling homelessness, making more parks and trails, and cleaning up the air in the county.

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