DoorDash Driver Arrested in Zion for Carrying Gun and Wearing Ski Mask

Two men from Waukegan were arrested by police in Zion while wearing ski masks and carrying a loaded gun. The two men were said to work for DoorDash.

A dark 2012 Honda CR-V was pulled over by the Zion Police Department at 2:34 a.m. on Sunday. According to Lt. Derek Zaloudek of the Zion Police Department, the Honda was pulled over near 21st Street and Gilead Avenue after police saw it break several traffic rules.

On the passenger seat was a man from North Chicago who was also 22 years old. The driver was recognized as Henry Valladares-Osorto, who was from Waukegan. Zaloudek said that both guys, who were wearing balaclavas, told police they were taking orders from DoorDash.

Police officers arrested a Waukegan man after they found him and a second man:

The police told Valladares-Osorto that he was not allowed to drive because his driver’s license had been stopped. In order to find his driver’s license and give it to the police, the passenger started moving things around to get it.

A handgun was accidentally shown to police on one of the back seats while the items were being moved, Zaloudek said. No valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card or concealed carry card was found on either of the people inside, so they were both arrested.

A live Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun was found under the driver’s seat of the Honda after the arrests, Zaloudek said. Later, it was found that the handgun that was first seen in the back seat was made to look real. There were no charges brought against the visitor.

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Three counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, driving with a suspended license, running a motor vehicle without insurance, and expired registration were brought against Valladares-Osorto by the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Valladares-Osorto’s public attorney said that his client was making deliveries for DoorDash with the other man when they were stopped. Because Valladares-Osorto owns the car and two other people drive it, the lawyer said Valladares-Osorto didn’t know the gun was under the seat.

If Valladares-Osorto was arrested in Highland Park in September 2022, she was charged with the same crime: aggravated illegal use of a weapon. It turned out that the charges were dropped.

By saying that Valladares-Osorto was a threat to the community, the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office asked for him to be held in jail until his hearing.

The request was granted, and Valladares-Osorto was sent back to the Lake County Jail. Wednesday, December 21, is the date of the preliminary meeting.

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