4 Students Arrested at Hillcrest HS for Assaulting Safety Agents

Four Hillcrest High School students were arrested for reportedly hitting school staff members who were trying to break up a fight.

This happened less than a week before a group of kids ran through the halls of the Queens school because a teacher was going to a pro-Israel rally.

A shocking video of part of the terrifying attack on an NYPD cop was shared on social media on Sunday night, and the NYPD later confirmed that it was real.

There was a fight between three students and two other students around noon on November 15. Police say that several hits were thrown at the school safety officers who tried to break up the fight.

There were three NYPD school officers hurt when they tried to separate the kids during the fight, police said. The NYPD says that four of the students—two 15-year-old boys and two 16-year-old boys—were arrested and given juvenile reports.

4 students arrested at Hillcrest HS for allegedly assaulting school safety agents week before mob targeted pro-Israel teacher:

When the suspects are children, the police may file a juvenile report instead of a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Queens Councilwoman Vickie Paladino shared video of the event on X. It shows a student in a gray sweatshirt spinning away from a police officer and out of her grasp. The student then charges at another student, but is quickly stopped by a second uniformed officer.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

The clip shows that the student in the gray jacket and at least one other student yell at the second officer and punch him several times in the back of the head while he tries to protect the student from getting hit.

He called the Hillcrest administration “totally compromised” and said the school should be closed “pending a full and thorough investigation.” Paladino is one of the few Republicans on the New York City Council.

“This cannot continue in our schools. Order and discipline must be restored,” she also said in her statement.

This is what the NYPD said about the event: “Violence in our schools will not be tolerated.”

Late Sunday night, an email sent to the NYC Department of Education was not answered right away. The Post reported over the weekend that a teacher had to hide in a locked office last Monday while hundreds of students crowded the halls. This is the second report of violence at the Jamaica school.

When the high school students found out that the teacher had gone to a pro-Israel rally last month, they yelled, jumped, shouted, and waved Palestinian flags and banners during the riot. Authorities say that the NYPD sent a few dozen officers to Hillcrest right away to restore order.

After a couple of hours of chaos, the students were finally put back in their classes, and the teacher was led out of the building, according to sources and the NYPD.

After The Post’s story came out, Mayor Eric Adams called what happened at Hillcrest a “vile show of antisemitism” in a statement posted to X Saturday night. The city’s DOE also said the actions against the teacher were “completely unacceptable.”

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