Dearborn County Deputies Arrest Ohio Man Who Fled

Officials reported Wednesday that a southeast Indiana escapee from Ohio is back in prison.

On Dec. 6, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Richard Lay found 34-year-old Harrison resident Ryan McIntosh at Stateline and Jamison roads in Bright, Indiana.

Deputy Lay sought to arrest McIntosh after finding he had a warrant. McIntosh ran after resisting Deputy Lay’s handcuffs.

McIntosh Escaped Deputy Lay

Deputies reported Deputy Lay attempted to take McIntosh’s weapon during the short fight. McIntosh escaped Deputy Lay and was not found after a thorough search.

Dearborn County Sheriff Shane J. McHenry and the 911 Center told people that McIntosh was still on the loose and armed to protect them.

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Officials said that the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office caught McIntosh on Wednesday afternoon on Bright’s Jeb Drive.

Dearborn County Sheriff Shane J. McHenry thinks that McIntosh will face more charges because of what happened this week.

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