Ohio Man Accused Of Threatening Shooting At California Middle School

After allegedly threatening to open fire at a middle school in California and posting videos online showing him firing at a computer with the school’s name on a sticker, a man from southwest Ohio is currently being detained by federal authorities.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio has filed a charge of making interstate threats against Alex Jaques, 21, of Centerville, Ohio.

According to a press release from the lawyer’s office, the FBI National Threat Operations Center’s investigators were informed last week about a YouTube video Jaques had made. According to reports, Jaques may be seen threatening to assault Washington Middle School in Salinas, California while shooting a Chromebook computer and a rifle-style handgun.

According to police, the computer had a sticker with the name of the school on it. Prosecutors claim that Jaques had attended a school in the same county as the middle school. The reason Jaques allegedly threatened the school is not stated in the news release.

According to investigators, Jaques may be seen shooting at traffic signs while driving in other YouTube videos. Jaques’ home was reportedly investigated by FBI officials on Monday, and eight firearms, including an Uzi-style weapon, were discovered.

No information was provided regarding Jaques’ court appearance.

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