CPD Releases Video & Photos Of The Suspect Who Killed A Grandfather In West Rogers

A store clerk who was also a beloved father and grandpa was killed in an attempted robbery at a liquor store in West Rogers Park on Monday night, according to Chicago police. They have now released photographs of the suspect in the case. Salim Khamo, age 66, has been identified as the victim by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. The office reported that he passed away soon before 11:45 p.m.

The victim’s daughter, Sally Khamo claimed that Khamo had acquired a FOID card and a gun as a result of his growing concern over local criminality. According to authorities, Khamo was shot in the chest. He was able to fire back, according to CPD, but the shooter was unharmed. According to police, the suspect arrived at the store on a bicycle but left on foot.

The potential suspect is shown in surveillance photographs released by the police. Detective Michael Perricone can be reached at 312-744-8261 if you have any information regarding the individual.

In a video, the suspect can be seen approaching the store while wearing a mask over his face and riding a bicycle after arriving there. Cameras caught him sprinting out of the shop and down the block just seconds after allegedly shooting Khamo, leaving his bicycle behind.

Authorities are classifying this as an attempted robbery since nothing was taken. Khamo was transported in serious condition to St. Francis hospital by Chicago fire crews, but he eventually passed away.  

Owner of the adjoining Cell N Comp Repairs store, Sami Khan remarked, “With our business, also a lot of people come in. They sometimes snatch the phones or take the relevant stuff, or they take the money. But with life, you cannot get the life back,”

Khamo’s brother said that 30 years ago, during the first Gulf War, he fled Iraq for Chicago in quest of a better life and the American dream. Just two weeks before he was scheduled to retire, he was killed.

Khamo devoted his life to his family; according to his son, nothing made him happier. “He genuinely cared about us. I’m sure he did “said Siefar Khamo. His pride and delight were his seven grandchildren.

“He desired to spend his retirement on a farm outside of Chicago where he could keep chickens and invite his grandchildren. He merely desired home for his family “explained his son. “As you may know, we are from Iraq. We fled because we were Assyrian Christians who were refugees from the Middle East. He was simply a proud man. He wasn’t going to stand by and let someone bully him.”

Joe Athens, a friend, who lives upstairs, heard the gunfire. This is what he said, “I hear one loud bang. I didn’t hear the other one. And then I come running down right into this. It’s just senseless.”

On Tuesday night in Northbrook, a church vigil was conducted in Khamo’s honour. His family is pleading with the public for assistance. “We celebrated on Sunday. My last dance with my father was when I was dancing with him “stated Sally Khamo. Detectives from Area Three are looking into it.

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