Carjacking on the Dan Ryan Expressway Caught on Video

A carjacking on the Dan Ryan Expressway was captured on film by another vehicle which observed the suspects collide with one car and steal another.

According to state police, state troopers were called to the scene of car theft on southbound I-94 close to Canalport Avenue at 9:14 a.m. on Friday. The police said that two criminals hit a stolen vehicle before kidnapping a victim whose vehicle was stalled in traffic as a result of the collision.

The car was discovered abandoned hours after the suspects sped off, according to state police. State police confirmed they are still looking into the incident and that no one was hurt. Investigators are asking anyone with information to get in touch with them at 847-294-4400 or [email protected].

A man crossing the dividing line on Dan Ryan while travelling south recorded video of the incident. Three people are seen running away as a grey car crashes into the centre of the highway.

When the footage resumed, a man walking across the freeway with what looks to be a gun is seen wearing all-black clothing and a black ski mask. The suspect approaches the man who is filming the interaction and offers him $500 in exchange for his car after taking out a wad of cash.

The victim exits the vehicle, and a woman slips into the passenger seat while the man in the black ski mask holds up a red SUV at gunpoint. The suspects then left in a vehicle. The man who was filming continued down the highway after saying, “I saw everything” and ended his video.

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