Breaking: 3 Lives Lost in Polk County Small Plane Crash

On Saturday, just before 5 o’clock in the afternoon, a single-engine plane crashed in Polk County, resulting in the deaths of three individuals.

On Hoffman Road, the collision resulted in the downing of power wires, which in turn produced a power outage and a small brush fire.

It was reported by the Independence Police Department that emergency services and the power company hurried to the location in order to de-energize the wires.

3 confirmed dead in Independence plane crash:

There are around 375 customers of Pacific Power that are impacted by the outage.

At this moment, crews are working to restore electricity, however officials have stated that it could take until approximately four in the morning on Sunday.

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There has been no disclosure of the identity of individuals who were on board. Investigations are being conducted by the FAA and the Independence Police Department simultaneously.

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