Bayonetta 3 ‘Naive Angel Mode’ Revealed Latest Info!

Finally, a release date has been set for Bayonetta 3! The long-awaited sequel from PlatinumGames will arrive in October, and the current video raises a slew of fresh concerns in need of resolution. New faces, elderly faces, and even faces being torn apart by enormous angelic demons emerging from the netherworld are all represented here. It’s sick, and the series hasn’t lost any of its lustre since its last outing.

Platinum claims that our hero is “back and hotter than ever,” but a new function has been added to appease the more conservative among us. The Naive Angel Mode can be used to hide cutscenes and gameplay sequences in which our heroine removes her garments to summon demons or transform her hair into dangerous weapons.

As a result, you won’t have to hide your excitement while playing an action game with a hot lady yelling obscenities at hot bad guys in front of your not-so-hot family members. Seeing as Bayonetta is so beloved by so many people, why would you want to play it in front of your mother? That would be embarrassing no matter how many nude filters you used. My mother already knows I enjoy anime, so I’m afraid this will only serve to further diminish her opinion of me. Come October, I’ll find out.

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Anyone who has seen Bayonetta in the last 10 years knows she exudes tremendous motherly energy. I mean, look at those shoes! She’s long been a figure of sexual liberation that goes far beyond the outdated sexualization we’ve grown accustomed to in this media, and we want her to walk on us. Her body is hers, and she uses it to annihilate her foes and demonstrate her supremacy in any situation. Since I’m at the bottom of the heap, I can tell you what’s going on.

The show’s charm has always been its willingness to be suggestive and over-the-top. A chorus of self-aware moans accompanies Bayonetta as angels rip her apart in her first game’s opening sequence before she exposes her actual identity and begins to clean up the place. With her raunchy gymnastics mixed with her stunning assaults, Bayonetta’s performance is intentionally cringe-inducing, but it’s done with purpose.

A military aircraft thunders through the skyscrapers of an enormous metropolis as she flies into war with her adversaries in the second game. She’s already a queen by that point. It’s true that some games are a little goofy, and that includes the way they treat nudity. They wouldn’t exist without it.

The fact that PlatinumGames is bowing to the woke agenda by introducing a mode that hides the butts and boobs from my lecherous eyes probably makes me sound like one of those people who send me death threats on Twitter and who decry when their anime boobs are censored from random video games, despite the internet being full of them. It’s a nice notion, but I think it plays into the series’ reputation by portraying it as something that is nearly completely unneeded. There’s no way you’d want to play Bayonetta in front of your loved ones if they didn’t already know about it, or that the medium goes into such ridiculous terrain.

Platinum is a developer who is willing to admit that its games are sexualized. With Nier Automata, and Bayonetta since its start, it has traded on this worldview. It’s evident that the protagonist is confident, dominant, and conscious of her attraction to men, women, and even monsters that live outside our own world, and how she can use that to her advantage.

The introduction of Naive Angel Mode doesn’t change any of that; in fact, it makes the presence of the angels more prominent than ever before.

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