Barón and Mosqueda Make History as First Latino Council Members in King County

Jorge Barón and Teresa Mosqueda made history as the first Latinos to join the Metropolitan King County Council.

While their arrival might not shift the council’s political dynamics, it stands as a significant moment for the county’s diversity and inclusive representation.

Barón and Mosqueda, who each won elections to open seats in November, are the first Latino members of the King County Council:

Mosqueda’s Vision

Mosqueda emphasized the importance of their appointment, highlighting the county’s diverse population.

With over 40% of residents being people of color and a substantial immigrant and refugee community, Mosqueda sees their inclusion as a pivotal step towards a more inclusive democracy.

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Challenges and Priorities Ahead

Barón and Mosqueda enter amidst budget concerns, where the closure of health clinics looms without support from the state Legislature.

Barón prioritizes advocating for legislative changes to expand the county’s revenue streams, focusing on homelessness, public safety, and affordable housing.

Mosqueda aims to implement the Crisis Care levy for mental health services and improve access for island residents using the King County water taxi.

Their historic entry into the council represents a significant stride towards inclusive representation, signaling a commitment to address critical issues and foster a more diverse and inclusive political landscape in King County.

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