Warrick County Health Board Members Fired After Heated Meeting

There was a big upset at the Warrick County Board of Commissioners. They decided to remove three people—Jeff Mauch, Joy Brown, and Kim Parker—from the county health board because they thought these folks weren’t doing their jobs properly. This led to a heated meeting where lots of people got upset.

People Want Answers

When the commissioners announced their decision, many folks from the public demanded to know why. They felt like the reasons weren’t clear or fair.

The lawyer for the health department, April Edwards, also criticized the commissioners for not explaining properly why these board members were let go.

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Changes Ahead Despite Disagreements

One of the commissioners, Dan Saylor, said they looked into the health department because of a new state law.

This law gives more money to counties for health services. Saylor thinks things need to change because the health board meets only four times a year, while most others meet every month.

But there’s also an investigation by the police into the county’s animal control, which used to be overseen by the health board.

Despite disagreements, the commissioners believe these changes will make things better. On the other hand, Edwards, representing the health board, plans to fight this decision. It might end up in court.

Dr. Paul Perry and Nurse Leann Holder have been picked to take two of the open positions on the health board from January 1st, showing that changes are happening in the leadership of the county health board.

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